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    Hello and Greetings from Texas!

    I will type in English first and use a translate program so I can also post in German.

    I had not been on in a long time and thought I should just check in.

    I am in San Antonio, Texas in the U.S. and I have a 1984 Trabi (I think I have photos on this site somewhere, but if you want to see you can go here Trabi Photos! ) I also am the administrator of the English speaking Trabant Forums.

    Anyway, I finally got all work done to my car, recently put a new brake master cylinder on it and ordered a lot of parts from TrabantWelt as they ship to the US so next I will replace all the wheel cylinders and brakes. I also just bought all the brackets so my exhaust hangs correctly.

    I have a 1987 Trabi I am also doing work on before it goes to its new home in Canada next month! I do not have photos of that one.

    I did want to ask about parts vendors though. Right now the only 3 I know of who will ship to the US are TrabantWelt, Danzer Autoteile and LDM-Tuning.

    Does anyone know of any others?

    Thank you!

    Hello and greetings from Texas! I will first give in English and translate it with a program, so I can also write in German. I had not been on a long time and thought I should just times in. I'm in San Antonio, Texas, in the USA and I have a Trabi 1984 (I think I have photos on this site somewhere, but if you see, you can go here Trabi photos! want) I am also the administrator of the English Trabant forum. Anyway I have finally all work to done my car, recently launched a new master cylinder on it and ordered a lot of parts from Trabant world as they provide in the U.S. so on, I'll replace all the wheel brake cylinder and brakes. I also have just bought all the brackets so my exhaust hangs properly. Trabi I have a 1987 I am also working on before it to its new home in Canada next month! I have no pictures of this. I wanted to ask about parts vendors but. Right now the only 3 I know the ship to the USA, Trabant world, Danzer are auto parts and LDM - tuning. Has anyone from the others? Thank you!

    Sorry for not posting in German. I am from the U.S. and do not speak that much German :(

    Anyway, after a little over a year, I have been able to get my Trabi driving and have been using it almost everyday for the last week!

    It has been a lot of fun to drive and with a little more fine tuning should be close to perfect soon!

    Thought I would share!

    [Blockierte Grafik:]

    On the English forums we are having a discussion about what 2-stroke oil to use. If you want to see the discussion, go here:…-oil.832/page-2#post-3748

    Anyway, Oils made today are probably better made than they were back when our cars were new.

    Anyway, I use Lucas Semi-Synthetic in my car, other people have said they use a full synthetic and others say not to use synthetic at all.

    As German's you all probably know these cars the best, what do you all use in your cars and what are your opinions on Synthetic or Semi-Synthetic?

    Nice Trabant :love: . There are usually radios on the german ebay ( A RFT A345 fits very good in the original port in the middle of the dashboard.

    Have fun with your Trabant, if you need help, just ask in this forum we like to help you :)

    I wonder if the European radio's are the same frequency as North American Radio's

    Do you know who makes the A RFT A345 or how I could find one?

    Thank you!

    I recognised the undertone and you are right^^ I will put the steering wheel on track and send it over ;)

    OH! I completely forgot we talked about the steering wheel, there was no undertone I promise! Those were just the last two things I wanted to finish up on it.

    I thank you anyway and I am so sorry if what I said sounded rude I think ;(

    Thank you Holger! I will do that. I had a question the other day and I posted it on here but found the answer before a response was made. I get tied up in my forums and sometimes forget about this one :)

    The good think about this forum is a lot of you grew up with Trabi's and parts are easier to find :) Being in America there are not a lot of places for us to get spare parts so I appreciate that offer.

    When I go to Germany, I try to speak as much German as I can (which isn't much :( ) So thank you for tolerating my English on here.


    I was able to finally rewire the DDR Fog lights I got from another Trabi owner over a year ago. I then bolted themto the car and installed, the switch. I still need to finish wiring them, but I took a picture of my newly installed fog lights! (See Below)

    Also in anticipation of getting my aftermarket ground plate working again and my engine back from a friend who is working on it, I decided to wash and wax my Trabi. I will get the transmission drained and change the fluid soon and clean the interior next week! I can't wait to get it back on the road again.

    Anyway, below is the picture of a clean and waxed Trabi with new fog lights.

    Ich konnte endlich verkabeln die DDR Nebelscheinwerfer ich von einem anderen Trabi Inhaber vor über einem Jahr bekam. Ich habe dann verschraubt themto dem Auto und installiert, wird der Schalter. Ich muss noch fertig Verkabelung, aber ich habe ein Bild meiner neu installierten Nebelscheinwerfer! (Siehe unten)

    Auch in Erwartung immer meine Aftermarket Bodenplatte wieder zu arbeiten und mein Motor wieder von einem Freund, daran arbeitet, entschied ich mich zu waschen und wachsen meinem Trabi. Ich werde die Übertragung abgelassen und ändern Sie die Flüssigkeit schnell und reinigen Sie das Innere nächste Woche! Ich kann nicht warten, um es wieder auf der Straße wieder.

    Wie auch immer, unter dem Bild einer sauberen und gewachst Trabi mit neuen Nebelscheinwerfern.

    Sorry for the bad German. I wanted to try to post in German since it is a German forum. :)

    I didn't want to be a bad American ;)

    I was saying that my aftermarket ground plate from LDM shorted the transistors and we are getting them fixed. I am hoping to have the car running and back on the road in a few weeks!

    Ich wollte herausfinden, ob es einen anderen englischsprachigen Trabi oder andere IFA Eigentümer in Amerika, Großbritannien, Kanada, Neuseeland, Austrailia oder andere englischsprachige Länder sind?

    Ich bin in den USA :)

    I wanted to find out if there are any other English speaking Trabi or other IFA owners in America, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Austrailia or any other English speaking countries?

    I am in the U.S. :)

    Grüße aus America!

    Ich bin aufgeregt, wird die Bodenplatte, die verhindern, das Auto vom Laufen wollte fest, da wir Ersatz-Transistoren bestellt werden.

    Sobald es läuft brauche ich noch, um es offiziell in den USA registriert, aber ich werde fahren meine Trabi jeden Tag!

    Hallo, wir möchten ein 12V-er Zündings Grundplatte (dies auf dem LDM-Seite: ) reparieren - ein MOSFET (die groß Transistor im metallisch Kühlkörper) kaput ist so wir ein ersatz MOSFET suchen; weiß wer bitte schön, welche Partnummer(/?Hersteller) MOSFET in diese Grundplatte benuzt ist (oder könnst benutzen sein)? *12V-er* Version, nicht 6V-er. Die Partnummer ist leider auf die Transistoren entfernt L Vielen Dank für Ihne Hilfe, & Grüße aus Texas, /Justin (& Grüße aus Kolorado von John Short wer auch am Motor / Zünding arbeitet J )


    fanden wir heraus, welche Art von Lars am LDM ist MOSFET SPP20N60S5

    Hallo an alle, es tut mir leid für die verspätete Antwort.

    Ich werde versuchen, für jeden jetzt reagieren.

    Kultpappe EN - Es ist nicht in den USA registriert. Es ist in den Prozess des Werdens registriert, aber dann entdeckte ich Probleme mit dem Motor. Teile sind hier schwer zu bekommen und alle müssen aus Deutschland bestellt haben.

    made_in_Ost - Danke für die Grüße! Ja, es ist komisch aussehen neben einem so großen LKW. Sie lieben große Lastwagen in Texas. Sie alle denken, sie sind Cowboys. :)

    los_Buschos - ich weiß nicht, wo jeder 311 ist, aber ich weiß von zwei 353-Know. Ich fand auch eine Anzahlung alle Wartburg gebrochen Pick-up bei mir, dass jemand zu retten.

    Ich habe einige Wartburg Mitglieder auf meine Foren, aber nicht so viele. Es gibt viele weniger Wartburgs in den USA als sich die Trabi und es gibt nicht viele der Trabi