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    So now i am legal driver! :lach::grinsi::top: :raser:
    Now i am driving in the centre of Sofia! :zwinkerer: Its horrible! :heuli2: But i am strong and i am driving!!! :zungeaus:
    I found a free time and now i am in the Internet club! :zwinkerer:
    So...I have to go now!I hope i will come back again some day... :augendreh:
    Bye,bye!!! :winker::zwinkerer::top:

    Thank you,thank you,thank you!!! :grinsi::winker::winker::top::grinser::grinsi::zwinkerer:
    I am so happy!!!Sorry that i didnt wrote soon,but i told you the reason! :zwinkerer:
    Now i am 18,i got the driving license!!! :top: YES!!! :lach: But i am still waiting for it,the police must give it to me!!! :schock: :beamer:
    I made a good party,my girlfriend was there! :top: We drunk a nice whysky!!!:ballons: :prost: AND BEER! :lach:

    Hi @ll,i am so sorry that i dont write often... :heuli2:
    I have no time and money,so i began to work!!! :lach::grinser: I work in a small shop in the centre of Sofia,i help there...I bring the bottles,boxes... :augendreh: The shop is for alcohol drinks and cigarettes! :top:
    I am fine...I found a girlfriend!Now i am now alone! :top::lach: She has Trabi too,601 S Combi! :grinser: She is 5 years older than me,but we understand us! :zwinkerer: She likes Trabi very mutch,and i will tell her to enter here and to make her account! :lach::top:
    In this Thursday i have birthday! :lach: I will be 18! :roteaugen: :verwirrt:
    I dont know when will be the next exam,but when i take it i will telll you! :roteaugen: :top:
    So i have to go now...When i have time and money i will write again,i hope it will be soon! :zwinkerer:
    Bye,bye!!! :winker::winker::winker:

    I hope that i will get it from the second time :augendreh:
    i try to be not angry,but i cant... :traurig: :heuli2:
    there are so much money...

    I passed the theory,but the practice-no! :heuli2: :traurig::zornig:
    I am so angry about that,i had only one mistake on the test lists! :top: But the fucked policeman... :zornig: Nevermind...He was angry too,he drop all of us,we were 3 persons... :augendreh:

    In Swtzerland is realy expencive :augendreh:
    Its very difficult to learn for the driving licence,but its easy to lose it :traurig:
    I must be carefull if i get it,to not drink!!! :lach::grinsi::verwirrt:

    Yes,its very expencive :traurig: :heuli2:
    60 Euro is killing price... :verwirrt:
    And 1666 too! :staun:
    But the hours are only driving or? :hä: The hours are many,but you are a realy good driver if you pass them!Thats good that you passed it from the first time! :lach:

    Maybe i will be carefull driver! :lach: I cant regognize myself.... :heuli2: Now i drive slow,with both of my hands on the steering wheel,i dont speak while i drive...Like in funeral :traurig:
    But when i pass the exam :augendreh::verwirrt: :roteaugen: :top::grinser:

    What is 50-60 Euro? :hä: The lessons or all?
    If i take my licence from the first time,it will cost 315 DM
    The lessons are 220 DM,the exam is 45 DM,the books are 14 DM,and 13 DM for emergency lessons for first aid! :grinser::lach: And finally if you take it,you have to pay 23 DM for the licence in the Police! :top::winker:

    Jan,i am here,but i have not enough time,man... :heuli2:
    Today i made 22 hours driving! :lach::top: Maybe my exam will be in the next week... :augendreh:
    Here is 220 DM for 24 hours driving! :top:
    Its near 9,16 DM per hour... :augendreh:
    I think that in DE is very expencive...
    Sorry,Jan,that i dont write so often here,please understan me...My father sayd:"If you dont pass the exam...!!! :zornig: "
    I will write as soon as i can! :top: There is nothing wrong! :top::winker:

    Now i drive everyday,cause i am in holiday! :lach::top: Yes,the first time is boring,but my first time wasnt! :zwinkerer: the instruktor saw me that i can drive,and now everything is ok! :lach:
    Good luck man! :lach::top:

    I think that time is here!!! :lach::grinsi::top:
    Here we are people from BG,Switzerland... :augendreh:
    I began to learn for the driving licence!!! :grinsi::lach::top: But its so difficult... :augendreh:

    :winker: Very good! :zwinkerer::lach::top:
    Then you have been in BG? :grinser: Great!!! :lach: Maybe you was on Black Sea? :zwinkerer:
    How old you were when you came here?
    Yes,i hope many people to come and write here on different themes! :lach::top::winker: