Hilfe bitte.. im Englisch

  • Hallo, Trabi-fans!

    Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut, so I will write to you in
    English, I hope you won't mind too much.

    Here's my story - I'm Emil and I've been a Trabant
    enthusiast for more than 40 years now and I've had many beautiful little Trabis
    along the years. I still have one now and I am trying very hard to find some
    parts for it, so that I can re-build its crankshaft (Kurbelwelle). There's
    nothing I love more than being able to repair these little cars myself, but
    lately I've had a very difficult time finding parts..

    I'm trying to find either cylindrical rollers 7mm diameter x
    10 mm long

    OR cylindrical bearings with the serial number 064005

    So I decided to stop by on your forum and see if there is anyone
    out there in the Trabi world who knows where I could get those parts and how
    much would they cost me? You would make an old Trabi fan very happy!

    Thank you all and auf viedersehen!

  • Hi Emil.
    Just out of curiosity: Where do you come from?
    Refurbishing the crankshaft is no easy thing at all.
    In Germany 99% of the Trabant enthusiast swap a worn out Crankshaft against a reworked one. Luckily there are some specialists left that renew the Crank according to the old recommendations of IFA. If you only replace the ball bearings, what's about the roller bearings of the rods? They are the weakest part of the crankshaft drivetrain (as you can see in this forum as well).
    So what's about replacing your defective crank with a reworked one from a manufacturer that does this as his daily business?