Trabi Hilfe.. im Englisch

  • Hallo, Trabi-fans!

    Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut, so I will write to you in
    English, I hope you won't mind too much.

    Here's my story - I'm Emil and I've been a Trabant
    enthusiast for more than 40 years now and I've had many beautiful little Trabis
    along the years. I still have one now and I am trying very hard to find some
    parts for it, so that I can re-build its crankshaft (Kurbelwelle). There's
    nothing I love more than being able to repair these little cars myself, but
    lately I've had a very difficult time finding parts..

    I'm trying to find either cylindrical rollers 7mm diameter x
    10 mm long

    OR cylindrical bearings with the serial number 064005

    So I decided to stop by on your forum and see if there is anyone
    out there in the Trabi world who knows where I could get those parts and how
    much would they cost me? You would make an old Trabi fan very happy!

    Thank you all and auf viedersehen!

  • Hi, Welcome here.

    Where you from? England?

    Do you mean this? (bearring for the crankshaft)?

    with Kind regards


    Die Frösi... war das nicht ne Kinder- bzw Jugendzeitschift in der DDR mit lustigen Bastelbögen drin?? :top:
    Anklam 2016: 3.Platz in der Kategorie "Trabant Original Baujahr 79-84"
    und 4. Platz "Trabant 1.1 original"