2 Stroke Oil Question

  • On the English forums we are having a discussion about what 2-stroke oil to use. If you want to see the discussion, go here:


    Anyway, Oils made today are probably better made than they were back when our cars were new.

    Anyway, I use Lucas Semi-Synthetic in my car, other people have said they use a full synthetic and others say not to use synthetic at all.

    As German's you all probably know these cars the best, what do you all use in your cars and what are your opinions on Synthetic or Semi-Synthetic?

  • oh f*** - the beloved "oil question" again ... :verwirrt::zwinkerer:

    Hereare , meanwhile, 911 posts about it. Meaning 911 different answers and opinions to the same question. :grinser:

    My only advice: Paste them all into the translation tool - or we're starting a similarly meaningless thing in English :staun::hä::lach:

    I think there's not one possible aspect undiscussed - and not one with a definite uncontradicted solution. :schulterzuck:

    Have fun and keep on rolling :winker:

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  • Hi,

    yeah, a oil-discussion :thumbup:

    I read a lot of them and came to one conclusion:
    Every Trabant-driver does what he thinks is the best for his Trabi. And: The Trabi works with all of the oil-types.

    I myself use a semi-synthetic oil (from our discounter "Globus") 1:50 (as the user-manual says) and my Traby runs very fine with it.


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  • There are lots of opinions about oil. I have read lot of sites in this oil thread in our forum. I think its the best way is to use semi synthetic 2 stroke oil and mix it 1:50. With other oils or other mixes ( for example: 1:100, 1:33), you maybe can save some money at the gasstation but specially for you guys in america it would be better to dont take a risk, because spare parts are rare.

  • Hi Justin,
    since nearly 35 years I used to fill in the cheapest 2-stroke-oils, that were available.
    That means "first-raffinaded", no "refurbished" oils.
    Today 1 liter in Germany costs about 2, 2.50 Euro by choosing a 20-liter-can.
    This still works very good and for now about 350.000 miles with about 8 or 10 engines.
    Best regards, Holger