Trabi aus den USA fast behoben!

  • Grüße aus America!

    Ich bin aufgeregt, wird die Bodenplatte, die verhindern, das Auto vom Laufen wollte fest, da wir Ersatz-Transistoren bestellt werden.

    Sobald es läuft brauche ich noch, um es offiziell in den USA registriert, aber ich werde fahren meine Trabi jeden Tag!

  • Good luck and highspeed.. :thumbup:

    Gruß Guido
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  • Hi
    Please Write the original text in english, because Nobody understands this very senseless translation chaos ;)

  • Sorry for the bad German. I wanted to try to post in German since it is a German forum. :)

    I didn't want to be a bad American ;)

    I was saying that my aftermarket ground plate from LDM shorted the transistors and we are getting them fixed. I am hoping to have the car running and back on the road in a few weeks!

  • Hi Justin.

    Don't be afraid talking with us in English.
    And don't be afraid of our answers in something that you will recognize as
    "djungle-english", just like the americans did, when they heard me talking.

    My best wishes are for you fixing the problems with your iginition. If there
    are more questions, let me invite you to ask them here at this place.
    I hope we can help you with facts, figures and even spareparts, if neccessary.

    Best regards, Holger

  • Thank you Holger! I will do that. I had a question the other day and I posted it on here but found the answer before a response was made. I get tied up in my forums and sometimes forget about this one :)

    The good think about this forum is a lot of you grew up with Trabi's and parts are easier to find :) Being in America there are not a lot of places for us to get spare parts so I appreciate that offer.

    When I go to Germany, I try to speak as much German as I can (which isn't much :( ) So thank you for tolerating my English on here.