Hello from Texas

  • I just found your forum, I'm planing to buy a Trabi this summer in August and drive it to Emden from Budapest. I am looking for a Trabant show (car meet) on the way there.

    I have a small car collection. I have Barkas, and really miss my Trabi. I bought one two years ago, but a friend of mine bought it from me. I really miss it!

    Sorry only speak English. Can anyone help me to find a Trabi meeting in August this year?

    Thank you Peter

  • Hello Peter and welcome at this forum.

    Before we can help to find trabi meetings in August , we have to know at which time you would like to go ?
    Or want you find a meeting at first and then get the car at this time ?

    Bye Sven.

  • There are several Trabant gatherings all over Europe in August. Have a look at the calendars here:

    Are you looking for a small or a bigger meeting? Are you mainly interested in Trabants or also cars from Eastern Europe in general?

    If you want to spend some days in Switzerland, I can recommend you our meeting from August 24 - 26 in Aarau :thumbup: Last time (in 2007) we had about 130 cars here ;)

  • Thank you for the fast repply! My plan is to fly to Hungary and pick up my new Trabi on August 15, then attend at my cusin's wedding in Szeged on the week end. I will get a temporary license plate from Hungary what lets me drive it for a month in Europe. I will leave Hungary on Tuesday August 21st and planing to end up in Bremenhaven or Emden where I will put the Trabi on the boat bound to Galveston Texas. So what I'm really looking for is a show for Trabis or any eastern block cars on the weekend of
    August 25. The jack pot would be a Zwicau meet!(sorry if I miss spelled the birth place) I always wanted to see the factory! But I would be happy to stob by any other town in Germany or Austria. Switzerland would sound really nice but It is a bit out of my way.
    I will have my wife and two kids (4 and 6 years of age) with me.
    My daughter still remembers my last Trabant, she still missing her! I regret selling it too. It was a 1981 with 18000 Km in it. I drove it from Budapest to Emden on the autobahn!!! This time we will take the back roads to see Germany and Austria. Can't wait!

    So any recommendations?

    Danke, Peter

  • If you want, you can contact me at august@trabantclub-austria.at
    Here in eastern Austria we've got some Trabants and lots of tools ;) So if you need any help or anything else, feel free to write me an email.
    Wishing you the best for your tour!


  • This is a long trip do you planning. For the case you get any problems by the car, you should have the following phone number : 0049-175-7171170 . Thats the number of the IFA BREAKDOWN SERVICE. Pleace also look here : http://www.ifa-pannenhilfe.de/
    If you have a breakdown and you call this number, you can get the phonenumbers from other private people who also drive trabant and live in nearness of your breakdownpoint and are ready to help you. Thats a very importent number for your long trip. You can call this number in any country. Thera are helping people also in Czech Republic , Slowakia , Hungary , Swiss , and so on.

    I wish you a lot of fun with the trip.

    Meetings in August are:

    - Aarau in Swiss , look here and click "Treffen 2012"
    - Zwickau in Germany , but its not the great one , only a small meeting , look here

  • Hi Peter,

    If you plan to go to Emden, maybe you can also stop by in Papenburg.
    It's 60 km from Emden. At this moment we have 4 trabi's and next sunday I will get my Simson Schwalbe Kr51 (don't know if you heard from it)
    We can show you the Meyer Werft. Here they build the cruise-ships (Disney Cruises, Aida, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity cruises and some more)

    Have a save flight to Europe!


  • Everyone! Thank you so much for the information! I'm not sure whitch port will I use for shipping yet. Last time I've brought a Trabi home I've shipped it with the new VW's and Porche's out of Emden on the VW ship. It was an experience! Monique, I know exacly what it a Simson Schwalbe! I use to ride on one after high school!
    I'm thinkin about driving to Aarau from Budapest. Anyone would like to join me from Austria? It would be pretty nice to drive together with more Trabis in a row!

    Thank you again, Peter

  • Hello and welcome from Munich, Bavaria :winker:

    It would be pretty nice to drive together with more Trabis in a row!

    The quickest way from Hungary to Aarau, Switzerland is via Munich (but quick in Europe means motorway - at least for free in Germany... :zwinkerer: )

    We'd be happy to invite you to our Trabant corso. Just contact me at mu@bayrischer-trabant-club.de . At the moment we're planning with 10 cars and trailers + x. In Switzerland we take the country roads due to horrible costs for Swiss motorways (just annual tickets available).

    Hope to meet you. Have fun and take care.


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